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The Prepared Pantry is a family-owned business located in Rigby, Idaho. The company sells baking mixes, kitchen tools, baking ingredients, and gourmet foods. It has its own production facility for the packaging of mixes and baking ingredients.The Prepared Pantry produces bread, cookie, dessert, and pancake mixes in an FDA compliant, state inspected facility. Most are packaged in Mylar to extend shelf life. Preservatives and hydrogenated fats are avoided. We sell jams, jellies, fruit syrups, maple syrup, cream syrups, ice cream toppings, chocolate candies, dried fruits, and nuts. We have products made for us by Pioneer Valley in Orem, Utah, and we buy from a variety of wholesalers including major importers. We sell baking ingredients including bread and cookie making supplies, food coloring gels, decorating sugars, and chocolate. We also sell dried fruit, nuts, and spices. We are an important seller of chocolate chips and wafers including hard-to-find chips like cinnamon. We buy most ingredients in bulk and package them in our facility in Rigby, Idaho.