Our brand, Agfabric was brought out by the end of 2008 with its headquarter in Vista, California.

From 1997 to 2006, Wellco Industries advanced rapidly by our great efforts and consistent passions. In 2007, intending to make our products more cost-efficient with better quality, we started to operate downstream in the supply chain and build up direct contacts with more agriculture suppliers, and Agfabric became to come into people’s eyes from then, we’re proud to provide diverse categories of gardening products for customers worldwide. In 2022, in order to better meet the users’ horticultural needs and provide better one-stop service we began to enrich the categories of horticultural products on the basis of the original Agfabric, and changed the name of the store to Gardenport. Today you can find more products needed in the planting process in our shop. Our story will continue…