Five riding enthusiasts founded Kemimoto. It all started with a misaligned bolt. One early spring day in 2011, they bought pairs of spotlight side mirrors for their weekly riding party, but unfortunately, the bolts did not fit. This was a conundrum: riding without the newly purchased spotlights would be a pity, but installing them would mean having to make a special trip to purchase the correct bolts and missing out on Friday night. Nobody wants pity, so they postponed their original plan and drove over 50 miles to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere to get the correct bolts. An incorrect tiny bolt ruined their planned riding party. From then on, the five riders decided to change the status quo.

In 2012, after one year of hard work, the KEMIMOTO team created their first UTV rearview mirror. It was designed for easy installation, so riders install the mirror in a matter of minutes without having to purchase any additional parts, eliminating the need for a long and inconvenient journey just to acquire a few small bolts. For a decade, the KEMIMOTO team has been dedicated to enhancing the usability of accessories, empowering riders to fulfill their dreams, and developing products based on original models. From UTVs to motorcycles to boats, KEMIMOTO has helped a wide range of riders—with a passion for convenience, quality, and affordable vehicle accessories.