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Save yourself

The concept of the brick and mortar mall is good by design. Putting everything into one place where people can shop is a centuries old idea. However, the practice is bad. Having to put up with the crowds, the prices and even just getting there. Why give yourself the anguish and headache?

I know that sometimes the mall can have some great deals going on, but is it really worth it? With all that has been happening in our malls, does anybody really feel safe there? Kids can run off at any moment, people walking around sick whom should be in the hospital and then of course all the violence. But what can someone do when they are stuck in the public arena?

I am not going to sit here and try to knock the mall. I have simply found another way to get the same things, and usually a whole lot cheaper. I can take care of most of my shopping needs right here from my laptop. It literally takes just a few minutes to search, compare and order whatever it is I may need. Of course, I have to wait a few days for the stuff to arrive. I will even use the site to store feature that many sites have. Provided there is a store anywhere near. When there is, I can combine a pickup with many other tasks that I need to attend to. Which ever of the processes I choose, I still save money and my sanity.

I don’t know about you, but I choose my battles. Going to the mall is a battle I choose to avoid.