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In 1989…
Two brothers, engineers Tony and Terry Pearce, were fly fishing in the Rockies and talking about partnering to change the world.Tony’s 13 years of experience in advanced aerospace materials, and Terry’s 20 years of experience in manufacturing, design, and project management, led to a partnership creating high-tech carbon fiber sporting goods and wheelchairs. By 1993, wheelchair users testing the Pearces’ wheelchairs let them know the real need was for better wheelchair cushioning. Pressure sores were a really bad part of people’s lives. Taking on that challenge, the Pearces created Floam™, the world’s lightest-weight cushioning fluid. Soon, Floam™ had five patents and was being used in not only wheelchair cushions, but also by major licensees of the Pearces in critical-care medical beds (Hill-Rom), footwear (Nike), ankle/knee braces (Johnson & Johnson), golf bag straps (Top-Flite), neonatal intensive care (preemie baby) ‘nests,’ surgical positioning cushions, surgical tourniquet cushions, ballet cushions, industrial knee pads, and more. Now known for the world’s most advanced cushioning products, the Pearces set out to create a technology that could revolutionize cushioning at a much lower cost than Floam™. Purple began to evolve through a series of discoveries and product developments. The first breakthrough came in 1996, when the Pearces invented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™.