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Take advantage of online shopping

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Many online merchants offer free shipping. You may be required to make a minimum purchase, but those amounts are usually around $50. If you live near one the merchants, you can even choose site to store shipping which is normally free also.

Here is the simple math for online shopping. If you save 10% from an online special, $15 due to free shipping, $10 for not using your gas, that could be well over $30 in savings. Now if you shop only once a month online, you would save over $360 a year. Can you imagine what you would do with that extra cash?

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Return Policies

Returns are a part of life. The product is not what you thought it would be or just the wrong size or color. Whatever the case, it does happen more than you may realize.

For example, last Christmas season I bought a very nice coat for the lady of the house online from one of my stores. I procrastinated more than I should of, but the coat was still delivered on time as promised. I was sweating bullets until that box was laid upon the doorstep. I thought the weight of the world had been lifted off when I picked it up

And then Murphy’s Law kicked in real hard. Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. When she opened the box, the coat was way too small. Come to find out later, it was junior petite or miss, something like that. As I was getting ready to pack it up and send it back, she said she already had to take care of some other returns. So she took the coat with her, and of course, she was not able to simply exchange the coat for a larger size because it was an online item only. Luckily for me, she laid her eyes upon a handbag that she really liked and was able to make the trade. She loves that purse still today!

There is no moral to this story! But there are a few lesson that I learned. First, be sure of the product sizes and specifications before you hit the enter button. Second, fella’s, if you are buying clothes, ask a friend or relative for advice on women’s sizes and check the sizing charts on the sites. And third, don’t procrastinate, your decisions are  rushed and will generally be the wrong ones. Plan Ahead!

When you do your shopping online, it is best to familiarize yourself with the store policies and procedures before you make any purchases. Things are so much easier these days, but still, when you need to exchange or return something, it can be very bothersome. Each store has a different policy, but if you follow their procedures everything should work out fine. Be sure to keep the original packaging in the event a return is necessary. Some stores may provide free shipping on returns, others may not, as I said, CHECK the store policies! Whatever the case, it will take time, so please be patient. Once the product has been returned to the store, more than likely your refund will be deposited back to your credit card. So check your credit card statement to ensure the refund has been made! Stores will also have a phone number for customer service, and in many cases, you can call them and make arrangements for a size or color exchange of similar items. In other cases, a full refund will be given and the proper item can then be repurchased. Whatever procedures you take, keep an eye on your credit card statement to ensure the proper activity has been recorded. As I have stated many times before, my stores want and need your online business, and they will do what it takes to correct any problems you may have. But please be patient.

Once everything has been settled, please leave a comment, good or bad about the store on their description page of my website. Family friendly please. If I find a store that has terrible customer service, bad products or whatever the case, I will contact them myself and if necessary, REMOVE them from my site. I am not responsible for actions between you and the stores, but with your help, I can make sure that one bad apple does not ruin the barrel!

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Save yourself

The concept of the brick and mortar mall is good by design. Putting everything into one place where people can shop is a centuries old idea. However, the practice is bad. Having to put up with the crowds, the prices and even just getting there. Why give yourself the anguish and headache?

I know that sometimes the mall can have some great deals going on, but is it really worth it? With all that has been happening in our malls, does anybody really feel safe there? Kids can run off at any moment, people walking around sick whom should be in the hospital and then of course all the violence. But what can someone do when they are stuck in the public arena?

I am not going to sit here and try to knock the mall. I have simply found another way to get the same things, and usually a whole lot cheaper. I can take care of most of my shopping needs right here from my laptop. It literally takes just a few minutes to search, compare and order whatever it is I may need. Of course, I have to wait a few days for the stuff to arrive. I will even use the site to store feature that many sites have. Provided there is a store anywhere near. When there is, I can combine a pickup with many other tasks that I need to attend to. Which ever of the processes I choose, I still save money and my sanity.

I don’t know about you, but I choose my battles. Going to the mall is a battle I choose to avoid.

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Shop at Home

Hello and welcome.
I know many of you may have never shopped online before and I completely understand. I am here to tell you that shopping online can be scary, especially with everything in the news about credit card fraud and identity theft. But, with a little knowledge, you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.
I have been shopping online for many years now and find it much easier than going to multiple stores to compare prices and products. And that is why I built this website, to bring all those great products and prices to you. Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you information about how to shop safely online. My retailers and I want your business and want you to feel comfortable while shopping online.
So, please stay tuned and be prepared to get some great deals in the process…