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Welcome to Shop Mikes

Shop Mikes Mall

     I designed this mall to help like minded people save their time and money. Going to a conventional mall these days can be quite dangerous to say the least. Here at Shop Mikes, you can relax and enjoy your coffee while shopping. No parking lot dings, No crowds and No set hours. You can even shop in your pajamas if you want too…
You can then brag to your friends about the great deals you got and didn’t have to leave the house.

Listed below are just a few strategies that you can use to save a great deal of money shopping here.

  • Many merchants here offer free shipping for online orders. Some may require a minimum purchase amount.
  • If you have a store nearby, you can even have the item shipped to the store for free.
  • Some merchants don’t require you to pay sales tax for online orders.
  • Some credit card companies offer cash back for your purchases.

    At Shop Mikes, many of your favorite stores here are open 24 hours a day. No need to get up at 3 am for those sale prices you never get. No need to put up with those pushy people that just have to have that stupid little doll. I simply want to provide you with a safe place to shop online. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me, which is why purchases are not made directly from this site. Every store has been approved by my affiliate mangers to be as secure as possible.

Just Shop Mikes!