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Here at Shop Mikes, all of our stores and their products are available 24 hours a day. You can shop safely from the comfort of your home or phone.  You simply click on the stores and your there. No travel, no traffic, no problems! So just relax and enjoy your coffee while shopping.




Please Stop Shopping Amazon

Jeff Bezos and Amazon have enough money! Shop Mikes’ store owners and their employees are barely getting by thanks to the China Virus and the idiotic responses from our government. So please shop the stores here at Shop Mikes and let your money do some good.

In addition, Shop Mikes will not tolerate any store that participates in the cancel culture. If for any reason you feel a store on my site has been a party to the cancel culture, please contact me and they will immediately be removed from my site. Also, if any of these stores are a target of the cancel culture, could you please support them. Thank you and enjoy your shopping adventure here at Shop Mikes.


Remember to Just ShopMikes!