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I have gathered many fine stores for your shopping convenience. The great thing is now they are all conveniently packaged into one single place. If you're looking for some great deals, simply enter the mall specials from the menu bar. If you want to shop the stores, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the store category of your choice. You should see numerous stores of your liking to choose from. In return for these great offers, I ask you to write a simple review of the stores you shop in order to maintain the integrity of this site. Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!

One bookmark for Hundreds of stores...

Bookmarking hundreds of stores in your browser is cumbersome and time consuming, so I've designed Shop Mike's simply with all stores conveniently categorized. A small description of the store accompanies a recent ad picture of each merchant. You can then browse through the stores to compare products, prices and more.

Save your sanity!

The concept of the brick and mortar mall is good by design. Putting everything into one place where people can shop is a centuries old idea. However, the practice is bad. Having to put up with the crowds, the prices and even just getting there. Why give yourself the anguish and headache? STOP shopping inline and Shop Mikes!

Shop the stores you love...

Shop actual stores you like going to in the mall, not just for products. The stores here are a mix of those well known names and then great lesser-known, regional ones. You have probably shopped many of them before, but please check out the ones you haven't heard of. I'd be willing to bet that you are going to love them too!

Take advantage of the Freebies...

Many of the merchants here offer free shipping for online orders. You may be required to make a minimum purchase, but those amounts are usually around $50. If you live near one the merchants, you can even choose site to store shipping which is normally free also. In addition, some of the stores do not require you to pay sales tax.

No FUZZY math here!

Here it is plain and simple. If you save 10% from a merchant offer, $15 off due to free shipping, $10 for not using your gas, that could be well over $30 in savings. Also, most credit cards give you a couple of bucks back on your purchases. Now if you shop only once a month online, you would save over $360 a year. Now, just imagine what you would do with that extra cash?

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